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Required if no author is selected. Enter word(s) separated by spaces. Use double quotes for phrase searching. For example, searching with   dog cat "animal farm"   would return all stories with the word 'dog' and with the word 'cat' and with the phrase 'animal farm'.

Required if no search text is entered. You can choose an author from the current database of possible authors, or select the last option, "Other (Enter Text)", to type a different name. You are not required to spell the full name. For example, a search for "Jon" would return authors with first names of "Jonathan".

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Optional. Instructs the search engine to return stories contained within a specific issue. By default, "Any" is selected which allows you to search through all stories regardless of issue.

This percentage is returned with your results. Relevancy is a rating from 1 to 100 indicating the fitness of match of each article returned, compared to the rest of the results.

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